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Established in 2000, Túath is a not-for-profit Irish voluntary housing association. To date, Túath manages over 2,000 housing properties with a strong focus on general needs and family housing. Working with a number of partnering associations, Túath strives to provide assistance to the elderly, homeless and individuals with special needs providing them with long-term, safe, quality housing while integrating families and individuals into a supportive community setting.


The ethos of Túath voluntary housing association is simple, to manage housing in a sustainable way for families and individuals in need, and support them on their journey as they settle into their new community and way of life.


At Lowes we are delighted to be involved with Túath where our Managing Partner, Daragh O’Sullivan is the Chair of the Finance and Audit Committee. We are keen to raise awareness of this great initiative, especially at this time of the year,  and recognise the fantastic work Túath do for the community.


For more information on Túath visit their website here.

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